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Reservation Policy

Booking policy:

We'll send you an email reminder of your appointment 2 days before and the day of your appointment, as well as a text message to your phone the same day as the appointment.

Our cancellation policy for NEW and online Registered guests:

The RESERVATION FEE is only required for the first 3 times to finalize the reservation, which will be credited to the final amount when the service is used.

You can make the payment in person or via our email, so that we can arrange a time for you.

Delete or move an appointment:

You can reschedule your appointment 1 time with our receptionist by PHONE or in person in our salons during opening hours.

We are not able to reschedule or cancel appointments via email, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or SMS.

In the event of cancellation or no-show within 24 hours, we will NOT be able to refund your booking fee.

(also applies in case of illness)


1. Confirmation e-mail

2. Click on the cancel button (red)

3. Log in to your account

(e-mail adress you received the confirmation e-mail)

We will send you an e-mail and an SMS when the cancellation is successful!

Our cancellation policy for our Regulars:

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment 2 times within 24 hours free of charge within 1 year (365 days).

We will inform you about all occasions by e-mail and SMS.

On the 3rd occasion, based on our policy, our system will automatically charge our colleagues availability fee, which you can pay ONLINE, after loging into your profile.

When this has been paid, our system resets the number of your canceled services, so the new 1 year (365 days) starts again for you.

Our policy also applies to SICKNESS, as we offer 2 free cancellations for our Loyalty customers.

If you do not wish to refund us for a cancelled session, our policy is that we can only offer you a NEW SCHEDULE upon payment of a booking fee , which we cannot refund if cancelled or no-show within 24 hours.

We will continue to provide you with the Loyalty prices.

If you do not use our services within 1 year (365 days), your status as a Loyal customer will be terminated.

In case of illness of a colleague:

Of course, it also happens with us that our colleague get sick, in all such cases we will notify you by e-mail and SMS. If we can move your appointment, thanks to your flexibility, we will provide a one - time 10% discount on the occasion of your booked appointment, which our system will automatically deduct at the time of payment.

More than a 10 minutes late:

Time is also important to us, as we do not want to keep you waiting either.

In case of a delay of more than 10 minutes, we can provide you with the remaining time, which also applies to the evening closing.

Please note that our colleagues were available, so we need to charge you for the full service which you booked. 

If we are more than a 10 minutes late:

In the event that the slip happens because of us and we are unable to perform the service you requested, we will provide you with a one - time  10% discount on the price of the service used.

Please indicate your VAT invoice request in advance to our reception coordinators!


BARION online payment



Szép card


(the bank will ask for your password)



Manicures - pedicures: you have 1 week to request a warranty repair.

Information we will need:

- photo sent by e-mail (

We will contact you in 24 hours.


In the event that our salon receives any negative rating on any online platform, we are unable to provide guarantee! 

Best Regards:

Spirit Nail Spa Coordinators Team

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